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GN Compass provides Cryptocurrency-Backed Loans ™ to create constant liquidity in the lending market. This is accomplished by allowing investors to sell portions of loans in their portfolio. Investors are not locked in to the term of a loan and can liquidate loans for any reason (E.g. financial hardship, increased GNCT price etc.) only after a certain no-trade time period has been reached. The buying investors will reap the benefits of the loans being paid back by borrowers while the selling investor still makes a profit. By using blockchain technology to verify and distribute all transactions across the Ethereum network, it guarantees transparency.

Mission of GN Compass
To increase the investment market by creating more liquidity in traditionally non-liquid assets.

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Mission of GN Compass
To increase the investment market by creating more liquidity in traditionally non-liquid assets

What is GN Compass
People are getting lost in the current financial system. Let Great North Compass be your guide to creating value utilizing blockchain technology.

GN Compass is a lending system where investors and borrowers can exchange value.
With our Cryptocurrency-Backed Loans ™, Compass offers investors good returns on investment plus added security on all funds invested.


Total ERC20 tokens created will be 1,000,000,000 GNCT. Valued at 1 ETH or 0.030 BTC for 5,000 GNCT.
20% Or 200,000,000 GNCT Will Be Reserved For Pre-Sale And ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Sale.
10% Or 100,000,000 GNCT Will Be Reserved To Pay Out Bonuses.
60% Will Be Reserved To Back Investor Funds On The Compass Platform.
10% Will Be Held In Reserve.

Token Buyers Are Protected By Anti-Scam Systems.
Funds Will Be Refunded To Contributors In Case Of Failure To Reach Targets.
Bonus Tokens For Early Buyers.
Loans On The GN Compass Platform Will Only Be Backed By GNCT.
Tokens Will Increase In Value As Cryptocurrency-Backed Loans ™ Create Liquidity In The Lending Market.
Investors Can Buy And Sell The Tokens Backing Loans Only In GNCT.

Token Information
Price in ICO
1 ETH or 0.030 BTC = 5,000 GNCT
Tokens for sale
Investment Information
Start Date
Jan 29th 2018
Distributed in ICO
20% To 30%

Ratings – 3.7/5

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