How OBIZCOIN Will Change The Way We Do Business

What is ObizCoin and it’s BOTs Features?

Obizcoin intends to use YRCs domain expertise and rich industry knowledge by imbibing it into the BOT through Artificial Intelligence and block chain technology. This will eliminate time required for research and development of each domain.

How OBIZCOIN Will Change The Way We Do Business

Obizcoin BOT will present services like Business Process Management including Designing Processes, Aligning Teams, Monitoring Progress, Reviewing Efficiency, Rewarding Team and same time overhauling the procedure. It Performs Operations Risk Score Analysis and deals with any Third Party Services. The quickened rate of technical change, increased worldwide competition and a more complex client base has challenged senior strategic management to re examine their plans of action, techniques, and tools for quicker, more responsive methodologies.

There could be various reasons a company might want to look into like higher profitability, cost reductions, enhanced effectiveness, asset advancement, decreasing the complexities of overseeing HR capacities, enhanced customer service, better consistence and so on which may pull in organizations to go for an Obizoin BOT. This will likewise lead organizations to recognize the procedures and operational advantages which they try to robotize.

Needs and strategies for today’s business environment?

Successful strategy definition depends on how well a company accumulates, oversees, and combines fundamental data into focused, noteworthy activities. This data ought to not just contain hard information from primary and secondary research and analysis but the planning needs to incorporate the viewpoints of those with key parts and viewpoints both inside and outside the company. Obizcoin BOT will go about as an Intelligent and 24X7 accessible Virtual CEO with rich area ability with demonstrated administration systems worked in.

Indeed, even in the wake of having such huge numbers of business management programming and ERP, there is still no simple route for organizations to streamline their procedures and provide the management an understanding in to their operational wellbeing. Business still take information from different ERP Software and after that somebody needs to physically examine this information and limit solutions with restricted domain ability. This is a moderate, out-dated and individuals subordinate process. This diminishes supportability of Start-ups &SME organizations and one of the main considerations for their slow down or failure. Robotic automation of the processes can provide a competitive and superlative edge to business enterprises.

The possibility of robotization of business forms isn’t old. In any case, the approach of programming robots is an essential historic point in mankind’s continuous endeavour towards a more beneficial, more effective virtual workforce that can do the standard, dull and ordinary human assignments. Computerization lets better usage of limited assets accessible to business organisations in areas of expansion and the advantages of which could in the long run be passed on the clients, representatives, and society in general. Be that as it may, before we make hasty judgements about computerization it is imperative for corporates to have an unmistakable idea of the BOT.

Obizcoin Business Variation

In today’s challenging environment businesses needs to transform rapidly and dynamically as suppose to the environment it is functioning in. Obizcoin Knowledge BOT will build up your business procedures, screen and update your group performance and manufacture your operational wellbeing score card that can lessen your working costs, increase your profitability and limit the failure rates.

BOT knows which staffs are playing out the best and which one isn’t. It knows your stock turn over proportion and helps you to deal with purchase levels. BOT will screen the progress of each procedure in the company and send alerts in disturbing circumstances. Obizcoin BOT will break down all the above data and separate every single unit in the company in order to develop a calculation for the operational wellbeing score of the business. This data will enable entrepreneurs to have better control over their operations and give early cautioning signals on the off chance that any procedure is not going according to the plan.

In many SMEs and Startups, Owners feel that the workers are not performing and representatives feel that the proprietors are not fulfilling enough. BOT tackles this issue by recording, surveying and remunerating worker tasks precisely. Recording and supervising should be mechanized utilizing AI Technology and compensating might be computerized by coordinating Ethereum based Smart Contracts. Smart Contract takes into consideration the contractual agreement between two parties, it may be internal as well as external. This will enable effective utilisation of resources and change the way business is done across the world.


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